Terminal description


The multimodal terminal extends over 60 hectares. It has outstanding facilities, some of brought  to Delta3, the owner of the site, the innovation award at the international exhibition of   Transport and Logistics in 2003.


Infrastructures :

  • voiesA bundle of 14 railways tracks of 750m lenght where   trains are received and where LDCT operates on trains with three  diesel locomotives of type  63000.

  •  A Transshipping area composed of :

Two railway yards  each operated by two 40t gantry on rail with two tracks of 750m., two parking lanes for containers, a haulage lane and a truck loading lane.

A waterway yard  served by a  40t gantry on rail (about 250m.) with two tracks of 750m., four parking lanes for containers, a haulage lane and a truck loading lane. This yard also includes a 250m long river dock.

  • A Storage area   with a capacity of 2500EVP operated by three reachstackers of 40t. capacity. This area also includes a section specifically designed for the storage of dangerous goods andequipped with "reefer" for connecting refrigerated containers.


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Human resources


LDCT personnel has been trained to meet the job and the site specificities. Their experience in Multimodal transport allows for a professionnal service in manipulating material and containers as well as achieving performance objectives and deadlines. 

Their experience offers the best service in compliance with quality and safety rules.


Maintenance facilities

A maintenance team is responsible for the preventive and curative maintenance of every equipment of the site.

This team is on call when not on site to provide a full cvoverage of operating slots as well as  to be responsive and to ensure a high grade of continuity of service.

Safety and securityportique nuit

The entire facility is fenced and has a 24h a day   CCTV.

Vehicules which enter and exit the platform are controlled at each entry and exit. the compliance with current regulations is checked and any non-compliant vehicle is  denied to entry or exit the  platform.

Regarding the risk management   involving Hazardous Materials  , we work closely with public authorities and firemen who  perform periodic on site  exercises.