The Pivos (railways control system)
The platform in the snow
Titan on the wide jauge waterway
A barge on the waterway
Uploading on a truck
A stacker with a container
A gantry over docks
Departure of the train n° 050010
Departure of a train
View of a gantry
LDCT in front of the coal terril
Part of the storage area
View of docks and surroundings
Sunset over the platform
General view of the docks
Platform overall view
Uploading a container from a barge
A gantry uploading from a truck
A train on railroad
The bundle of 14 railroad tracks
Train departure
A Gantry
Gantries over 2 railroad tracks
View of a dock beside railroads
View of railroad transshipping area
transshipping with a stacker
Loading a truck with a container
Grabbing a container
Loading a container on a train
Trucks on the railroad dock
General view
A stacker uploading on a train
A stacker uploading on a train
Manipulating a container
View from the wide jauge waterway
The gantry of the waterway
Docks beside the waterway
The departure of a train
Side view of a grantry
View of docks near the waterway
A stacker
A stacker uploading on a truck
Storage zone
A view of docks
Global view of docks
A barge on the waterway
View of docks
Empty barge
Manipulating a container
A gantry over railways
The train from Perpignan
Storage area
downloading a container on a train
A stacker at work
A stacker at work
Loading on a train
The Platform at night
railroad view at night
Transshipping at night
Train arrival
Unloading of a barge
Departure for Miramas - Avignon
On the way to Perpignan
Sunset in the main yard
A Kalmar 1452 during operation
The main yard at the end of shift
The BB402 operating engine
An engine during operation
Train alignment
A Gantry during rotation
Reordering wagons in the main yard
Loading the Zeebrugge train
Triage in the receiving yard
Summer evening at LDCT
Aerial view
Aerial view