The Company

LDCT (Lille Dourges Containeur Terminal)  is a Simplified Single shareholder Company. It has been created december 2003  as the result of several railways, waterways and truckways operators willingness to benefit from a common multimodal platform who would be used by anyone having a need for regular multimodal carriage.

LDCT objective is to manage the european level multimodal terminal DELTA3 located in Dourges (Pas de Calais in North of France)

It is an outstanding terminal due to :

  • its location  (20km south from Lille, beside the A1 highway with a direct exit A17.1)

  • its equipments and connectivities (2 railroads with a bundle of 14 tracks and 2 docks of 750meters long, a wide jauge waterway and a 2500EVP storage area )

It has been designed to become the main hub between major North harbors and the South of Europe and to allow for the 3 modal transports : railway, waterway and road.

LDCT goal is to provide its customers   high quality, reliable and cost optimized  services



LDCT   shareholders are




Naviland Cargo




Some figures

   LDCT counts 58 individuals.

    in 2016, LDCT   managed :

  • 3231 trains

  • 392 584 Evp

  • 448 barges

  • 1 872 000 tons of goods